Harding Zills

Share my story and help me find a kidney!

Hello! My name is Harding, and I need a kidney transplant to continue living and working.

Please consider clicking here to find out if you are healthy enough to donate on my behalf. Even if we aren’t a match, every donation moves me further up the waitlist for a new kidney.

To determine if you are medically able to donate, click here or call Vanderbilt Health’s Living Donor program at (615) 936-0695. Thank you!

More about Harding

I live in Middle Tennessee with my partner and our two rescue dogs. I am a dialysis nurse who comes home every night to do my own dialysis. I have been living with kidney disease since 2012 and on the kidney transplant list since 2019. I was born with one kidney, which I didn’t know until college athletics and strenuous exercise ravaged my system.

Harding and Sugar Bear

I’ve dedicated my adult life to health, including PTSD treatment for veterans and transplant and dialysis care. At this point in my disease, I cannot continue to work full-time without a new kidney.

How You Can Help

Harding and his cousin, Hugo.

I need a new kidney to keep going. I could wait for a kidney from a donor who has died, but it takes a really long time. There are almost 100,000 people on the waitlist already in the U.S., and not very many people die in a way that lets them donate. I could spend nearly a decade on the waitlist before I get a kidney that will work for me.

That’s why becoming a living donor is so critical. Please consider finding out if you qualify to donate a kidney by clicking here.

Another big way you can help is sharing my story with your family and friends via email, text or social media. Choose one of the options on the right to share with your network!